Monday, January 08, 2007


I don't normally blog about every single monitoring appointment during a treatment cycle. But I also usually have one or two real-life friends who are in on the fact that i'm cycling who I talk through these things with. I've been very closed about this cycle with anyone I know personally. People know I've had appointments at Shady Hell but they don't know why or really even when. And anyway, it's MY blog, so I can blog all the gory details I want. So here are today's details:

Right Ovary (always the overachiever): 16.1mm and 14.4mm (up from 14.6 and 13.6)
Left Ovary (with a surprise comeback!): 13.8mm
Endometrium: 11.16
(I've never had an endometrium this thick at this point in my cycle, so yay, I think)

Today's sonographer (my beloved Margaret) suggested that the two follicles on the right were just waiting for the Left to catch up a little bit so I could have THREE follicles come trigger time. Um. Triplets? I hope not! (I do realize that there is absolutely no possibility that I'm going to end up pregnant at all this cycle, let alone with triplets. But still...) Margaret also pointed out that on Friday it was the doctor who did the measuring and sometimes doctors aren't quite as skilled at using the equipment, since they don't do it all the time. So three different people doing my ultrasound in three different visits yielded three very different results. Not terribly shocking.

The doctor didn't know quite what to think about me, but said we'd wait to see where my estrogen was today before making any judgments. This particular doctor is usually pretty decisive, but he sure doesn't seem thrilled with the way this cycle is developing. Frankly, I don't blame him. Because although each individual visit seems to have good news, the overall trend is a little odd. It happens that I'm anal, so I keep a simple spreadsheet of every cycle and this is by far the weirdest. Thanks to the joys of Google Docs, I now have it accessible online: IUI Cycle #5.

All I can do at this point is wait and see. I'm still pretty early in the cycle, so I'm not worried. I make sure to remember that my second IUI cycle lasted over 30 days (triggered on day 31, IUI on day 33, CD1 on day 45 or so). It's just been a very weird cycle, because on Wednesday I was told I'd probably trigger Friday or Saturday, on Friday I was told I'd probably trigger Saturday, but was later called back and told to come back Sunday. On Sunday I was told I'd probably come in on Tuesday and trigger Tuesday or Wednesday, but I was called and told to come in today. Today the doctor didn't even try to take a guess on either when I'd trigger or even when I should schedule my next monitoring appointment. He just said to wait for the estrogen level to come back and we'd figure it out from there.

I probably wouldn't even be tense about it, except my husband has to staff in the Shock Trauma unit on Thursday, which would be really hard for him to get out of if I end up triggering tomorrow and needing an IUI on Thursday. We'll obviously work it out one way or another, but it's still making me tense. I'll update later when I get my status call from my nurse.

UPDATE: E2: 121 LH: 1.89. No one seems to know why my E2 is plateauing. This is a new wrinkle that I was not prepared to deal with, and I am beginning to believe this cycle is a complete waste of time. Why is this suddenly not working? I've been known to have slow cycles, but even those had predictable/appropriate rise in hormone levels. Phooey.


Thalia said...

That is really puzzling with your E2. Given your lining should be developing in response to estrogen I cant' understand what's going on. How frustrating!

Karen said...

Indeed... I'm quite puzzled and more than a little bit frustrated. But Dr. Amazing will be there for my monitoring appointment tomorrow AM, so maybe he'll have some ideas. Lining's definitely developing, though! 11 isn't bad!

My Reality said...

I love the google spreadsheet! I may just have to try it with my next cycle!

I hope that things work out with this cycle and your estrogen cooperates like you lining and follies seem to have done.

cr1ck3t said...

I like the Google spreadsheet too. We happen to have the same cycle except my IUI was today, cd 14. I noticed that your cd30 date was different than mine - I was puzzled then I noticed that the calendar in your spreadsheet is missing Jan 11th. Oops.

Great blog. I will be watching and waiting for your beta day. Good luck!!!

Karen said...

cr1ck3t: Thanks for noticing; I've fixed the spreadsheet. The odd thing is that I made the spreadsheet in Excel directly first... and I just did a pull-down to populate the dates, so it shouldn't have skipped any. Weird.