Sunday, May 20, 2007

quickie post

I never know what to do with helpful comments that I can't respond directly to... when I have neither an email address nor a blog link to go by. Responding within the comments seems a bit useless, since blogger doesn't do threaded comments... and since I assume people aren't eagerly checking back in my comments to see if I've responded. This is why I do a lot of responding directly via email. But in this case, I received a good comment from Crystal that I'd like to respond to, so I'll do it here. She wrote:

I haven't read back in your archives yet, but I wanted to offer some suggestions on treating your migraines and nausea. Hopefully I'm not suggesting something you've tried already! I recently got desperate for a natural migraine treatment because I am breastfeeding. I found a tip on about snorting a few grains of cayenne pepper. Like I said, I was desperate and I figured it couldn't hurt. So I tried it and it actually helped! It left me with a dull headache, which was a whole lot better than a migraine!

A friend of mine recently got some wrist bands (called Sea Bands, I believe) that have a small ball that touches a pressure point to help with nausea. Up until she bought the bands, she had tried every other natural remedy and was still puking. So, that is something you could try. It can't hurt!

Kellymom, as usual, is right on with the suggestion to snort a few grains of cayenne pepper. The capsaicin dilates blood vessels. Since migraines are a vascular headache, this makes a lot of sense. In fact, one of the major migraine studies underway right now involves capsaicin treatment in nasal spray form. Frankly, I don't think it's necessary to run a study about this, as there are already capsaicin nasal sprays out there that work for a lot of people. See, for example, One of their products is a nasal spray for headaches that includes capsaicin, peppermint oil, and feverfew. Peppermit oil also dilates the blood vessels and feverfew is a pretty popular herbal remedy for migraines (though I never found that it helped me). The problem for me, however, is that both capsaicin and peppermint are serious migraine triggers for me. And while it's known that the sinus buster product can actually exacerbate migraines for a few days but is supposed to improve over time, I find that it just causes me more intense migaines. I'm just lucky.

I've been getting migraines for almost thirty years (I'm 31 now). I am never, ever opposed to people suggesting remedies, even if I've tried them before, because some of the things that HAVE worked for me in the past have come from people who have said, "I'm sure you've already tried this and I'm sure you're tired of suggestions, but XYZ worked for my buddy." A lot of things work for me for a short time and then cease working. Other things work, but the side effects prove too great. Some things don't work the first time I try it, but work years later. So bring on the migraine suggestions. Yes, odds are good that I've tried it, but you never know.

As for the Sea Bands, that's a good suggestion. In fact, I've gotten them for other pregnant friends before, but haven't actually tried them myself this time. I get a bit weird about my nausea, because I KNOW it could be worse and hey... most pregnant women get nausea, so it's normal, right? And Zofran really does work, it's just that when I first wake up in the morning, the Zofran from the day before has worn off. The advantage to the wrist bands, of course, is that I could wear them overnight. See? Folks in the blogosphere are quite smart. :)

In other news, my Friday of migraine-free-ness did not result in a migraine-free Saturday, but I was better equipped to cope with it having had a day to recover a bit from the relentless pain I'd been in all week. I'm not greedy. I'll take one good day. It still gives me hope that I'll have more to come. And whatever it takes to get these babies to September... if it means a few more months of relentless migraines, I'll do it. Once they're born, I'll have more options for prophylactic treatment, so my real focus is on getting to September. (That being said, I'm still talking to the neurologist on Friday to see what options I've got right now).


Twisted Ovaries said...

Count me in as another migraine sufferer-28 years and counting. They did lessen when I hit adulthood, but pregnancy has brought them on with a fiery vengeance. For me (as I suspect with you) the medication is out of the question while knocked up. I get to suck it up and deal with them, and although people said they'd go away in the 2nd trimester, um...they haven't.

I too am hanging in there until September.

It'll be a great summer, yeah?

Crystal said...

Sorry - blogger does this weird "google/blogger identity" thing and I forget that it doesn't have my web address or email attached. Thanks for dedicating a whole post to responding to me! I now have contact info attached - just be forewarned that my website is a mommy blog.

Erin said...

I really hope you have some options. I've had migraines for almost 15 years, but they're well-controlled by medication and got better during pregnancy. I hope the neuro says something can be done and really works for you.

triLcat said...

I'm generally against "alternative" medicine, but have you tried chiropractic or acupuncture?

For headaches and backaches in my pregnancy, chiropractic has been a complete godsend.

My sister-in-law had excellent results with acupuncture especially for nausea.

I know that both are terribly expensive and come with zero guarantees, but if you're really suffering, maybe it's worth a shot...

For the record: I don't believe that chiropractic can cure anything that isn't related to displacement/pain/tension in the back/neck, which means that it might not do anything for migraines. On the other hand, the migraines may be aggravated/triggered by tension in your neck... so..Good luck.

And feel good. And I hope you make it to where I am (34 weeks)...

In Search of Morning Sickness said...

Here's to just really hoping something can help those migranes!!!! During pregnancy! Wish I knew something, but I don't. :(

Anonymous said...

Hi! This may sound weird but... I had a mADD headache last night and I tried this vinegar remedy my sis told me about. Here it is:

Add about 3 tbs of White Vinegar
to a medium size bowl of warm or hot water. Then soak a wash cloth into it.. rinse it but leave it somewhat wet apply it over your forehead while you lay down. In the morning you should be feeling pretty good. Good Luck ... Mory