Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Drama Queen

Ever the drama queen, I emailed my nurse yesterday to ask about the bleeding. Every time I think it's going away and I was worried for nothing, it gets worse. And every time I start to really worry, it stops suddenly. The bleeding was very heavy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Yesterday was lighter, but I figured I'd better check in with her anyway. I'd hate to find out later that I ignored something I shouldn't have.

Well, the whiny patient gets seen, so I'm going in this morning for a repeat ultrasound. And right on cue, I'm not bleeding (much) this morning. Of course. So the doctor will probably think I'm a complete hypochondriac, which is fine, since it's not Dr. Amazing this morning.

Hopefully everything is fine and I'm just being a drama queen.


SaraS-P said...

Be a drama queen! I know I would be in your situation. Bleeding during pregnancy is TERRIFYING! I am sure the nurses and docs would be worried too if in your situation.

Good luck at the u/s. Fingers crossed!

Adrienne said...

Good luck at the u/s! Keep us posted.