Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Just a Point of Clarification

No, I most certainly did NOT want quadruplets. I have a completely irrational fear, in fact, of having triplets or quadruplets. To be honest, for a first pregnancy, I'm even adamantly against having twins, even though I've always wanted twins.

To repeat: I'm positively terrified of high order multiples and even twins make me wary right now. So um, yeah. I was definitely joking about losing my chance at quadruplets (because even if I'd had four mature follicles... the odds of ending up with quadruplets were infinitessimal).

I've actually made it clear to my RE's office that twins are acceptable, but anything more than two is their responsibility. (JUST KIDDING ABOUT THAT ONE TOO!)

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Softy said...

Hello there, and congratulations :) Quads are good fun too, I just want to point that out... But we'd already had 1 "to practice on", so for a first, triplets might be better. But the joys! Hope everything will go well for you!