Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Magic Number?

I heard back from my nurse regarding how many IUIs the doctor wants me to do before moving on. I thought that at least KNOWING where the next decision point is would take off some stress.

The magic number is three. I understand why, but I'm not entirely thrilled. I know that IVF is a lot more stressful, physically. I get that it's a lot more invasive. I understand that having proven that IUI works for me, there's no medical reason not to continue trying IUIs. I even respect the fact that the clinic isn't being driven purely by the bottom line on their dollars, since they stand to make a lot more money off of me if they move to IVF. I appreciate that the best medical decision to make for a patient is the least invasive, least risky plan which still has a reasonable chance of success. And I know for me right now that's IUI.


Oh well. At least I know where the next decision point is. And by the time I'm halfway through my next IUI cycle, the first of the three being recommended, my regular RE will be back from maternity leave, because it really IS going to take THAT long to get back to a treatment cycle since my hCG refuses to go down. I'm betting I can negotiate with my regular RE more than I could negotiate with Dr. S. In part because I know her, in part because she knows me, and in part because I don't think she's particularly opposed to me moving on to IVF anyway. So maybe that will do it.



My Reality said...

Good luck with this. It is all so frustrating. I will just hope that the 1st IUI works for you.

Karen said...

Thanks, MR... every once in a while I think, "You know, the first one could work and the rest could be a moot point..." and then I start laughing. Because, really, when have I EVER been on the good side of fertility odds?

Still, I have a teeney little bit of hope. :)

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, and that you have to go through all this. I remember how hard it was.

Anonymous said...

We go to the same clinic and I had to follow the same protocol so I know exactly how agonizing it is -- after my second IUI, I was like sign me up for IVF because I need better odds!