Friday, August 18, 2006


No, no, no, no, no, no!
My nurse left me a message at my home number telling me to come in on Monday for another Beta test.   She said she did not receive a specimen (blood draw) from me today.  BUT I SO WENT AND GAVE ONE!  I gave one at the DC office.  I have the stab marks to prove it!  I have a bruise to prove it!
And now she's GONE, GONE, GONE for the weekend!
I'm seriously about to cry.  This is not good.  I can not handle this.  They can NOT do this to hormonal women.  This is not okay.
Crap.  Now I'm going to spend all weekend wondering what's going on with me.


Jennie said...

Oh, I sympathize with you. That sucks!! This stuff always happens on a Friday doesn't it? Hang in there until Monday. You poor thing you must already be going through hell.

How are the cramps and bleeding? And don't worry about grossing people out, I think most of us going through all this fertility stuff can't really get grossed out by anything like that anymore.

Karen said...

Thanks for your comments. I did, eventually find out the problem... they had forgotten to run my test, so they stayed late and made it happen.

Today's number is 569!!

Stil cramping a LOT, still bleeding a little. I'm nervous, but getting over the panicky feeling. Apparently, it's not terribly uncommon to bleed regularly during the first trimester. It's like a cruel joke from G-d: Hah hah! You struggle with infertility and now you can't even enjoy the news that you're pregnant! Hah! Hah!