Thursday, August 10, 2006

IUI 5.0

I am officially starting my fifth IUI cycle. I was supposed to start an IVF cycle if the fourth didn't work out, but I looked at my September calendar and realized I'd be in Phoenix for a critical week, so one more IUI it is. My poor husband.

It's kinda getting boring. I mean, I know the routine. I can practically self-medicate. I hardly even need the doctor to tell me what to do anymore. And the end-result (BFN) is just so darned predictable. There's got to be a way to make this all more interesting.

I know! We could make a drinking game out of it!

  • Time for an injection? Take a drink!
  • Time for an invasive ultrasound? Take another drink!
  • Abnormally obnoxious migraines? Take two drinks!
    Snapped at your husband for breathing too loud? Another drink for the lady!
  • BFN? Congratulations, you get to drink the whole bottle!
  • BFP?? Well, the makers of this game don't actually believe that BFPs exist, but if they did, I'm sorry, you'd be out of the game because you'd have to stop drinking all together, so hey! It sucks to be you! (er... I think my perspective may be skewed here)

Anyway, in other fun news going through another cycle is that I have a new, but slightly used, excuse to yell at my husband whenever I feel like it. "Oh, sorry, honey, it's the hormones, you know. Can't be helped."

It's fun to yell at him. Well, fun for me. I'm betting it's not fun for him. Okay, it's not really fun to yell at him, but it is hysterically funny after the fact when I look back and realize exactly how stupid I was being. Also, it's a tiny bit fun to have carte blanche to be evil and be able to blame it on all those darned hormones. "Gosh, Honey, I'm so sorry I called you that, but I'm the one who has to stab myself with needles every night, so you have to put up with it, okay?"

(I'm exaggerating, of course. I only yell at my husband when he deserves it. He just seems to deserve it more when I'm all hormonal and cycling... hrm. Nah, it couldn't just be me, could it? Nah, couldn't be... that's ridiculous!)

Ahem. And now back to your regularly scheduled life.

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