Monday, February 25, 2008

Thrush. AGAIN.

Can I just say how truly SICK of having thrush I am? This is, I think, the third, maybe fourth, time that I've had it in the five months that I've been breastfeeding. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is quite possibly the most painful, but most definitely the most unpleasant, thing I could possibly ask to experience. It hurts like hell, I'm bleeding, I cry nearly every time I nurse my babies, and pumping isn't any more pleasant than nursing, so it's not like I can just pump and forgo nursing for a bit.


It's not enough to make me stop nursing, but ohmygodpleasemakeitstopseriouslyplease!


Emma B. said...

Ugh, thrush is awful. Do you have a good treatment regimen?

Karen said...

I am so sorry, I had it for 5 months with the last baby. Have you tried the grapefruitseed extract? It was all that worked for us. I used it topically and took capsules.

Shelby said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear you've got it again! Hopefully it will clear up quickly.